Eastleigh now on smart phones

Eastleigh Community Church’s sermons are now on iTunes.

Open the iTunes app and search for “eastleigh”. Look in the podcast results section. You will find our podcast. You will be prompted to install the “Podcast” app. Do so, launch the podcast app, and search again for “eastleigh”. Click on the right result and you can click the subscribe button to subscribe to our podcast. Exit the app. Now you can launch the Podcast app, go to “My podcasts” and select the Eastleigh podcast. You can now get Eastleigh talks and sermons and listen to them wherever you are in the world.

Android phone
You can now get Eastleigh sermons and audio and listen to them wherever you are in the world. Our podcast feed address is http://feeds.feedburner.com/eastleighcommunitychurch So open a podcast app such as “Podcast Addict” (free), click on + to add a podcast, in the RSS url field type the address just given. Then subscribe. Or in “Podcast Addict”, click + and search for the word “Eastleigh” using iTunes search option.

PC or Mac
Click on the following link to see what is on iTunes https://itunes.apple.com/au/podcast/eastleigh-community-church/id978514385

Now in the iTunes app on your PC, do a search for Eastleigh, and in the podcasts results section find our result and click on it. You will see:


Click on the subscribe button. Now you can listen to our talks and sermons.