Easter Sunday talk – Ian Mitchell (31m)

roadside tomb by James Emery on flickrListen again to the Easter Sunday sermon of Ian Mitchell at Eastleigh Community Church on 5 April 2015. The topic is the resurrection of Jesus and the promise of future resurrection for us as Christians. Here are some sermon points:

  • by death Jesus put death to death and sealed it by his resurrection
  • if jesus didn’t rise from the grave we are in diabolical trouble
  • his rising means he can come back. If he didn’t rise he couldn’t come back.
  • the resurrection makes all the difference. The empty tomb is the basis for Christianity and our faith
  • we also know jesus lives by our personal experience. He has changed us and set us free
  • when Jesus comes again there will be a resurrection, just as Jesus had a resurrection

Click the play button for the audio. Play time is 31 minutes. Right click download to download