Knowing and doing Gods will – R Denby (42m)

Ross-Denby-300x300-75pcListen again to Ross Denby’s talk about knowing and doing Gods will. He presented this on 12 April 2015 at Eastleigh Community Church. Talk time is 42 minutes. Here are some points from his talk:

Aspects of Gods will
1. will of decree
These cannot be challenged or disobeyed. These come to pass. eg Judgement Day

2. will of command
These are stated in scripture eg 1 Thess 4:3 avoid sexual immorality, give thanks in all circumstances.

We don’t always obey all these commands. We may want to do them and plan to do them but we do not always do them.
Never give up, keep trying to obey these commands.

How can we discover Gods will for us?
1. Guidelines in the Bible, Gods word.These guidelines never change, true forever.
2. Holy Spirit prompts us with a still voice
3. Talk to a trusted advisor eg pastor
4. Inner peace

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