Communicator Sunday 19/4/2015

 Two kinds of wisdom

bible-light-rays 250x156 75pcThis morning we resume our series on the book of James, looking at Chapter 4

I have called it… God versus The World
The wisdom of the world looks good…..until we realise how transient life is.

“You are a mist that appears for a little while, and then vanishes.” We are called to something greater, the true reality of a holy God that demands we serve him alone. We’ll be standing before him one day to give an account of our life.

Do I submit to God, and what does that look like? Obeying his word is a great place to start! Read the book of James. Is my faith accompanied by action? Am I asking God how I am to help his kingdom come through my life each day?

“Submit to God and he will lift you up.”

Choose this day whom you will serve…there may not be a tomorrow.

Sean Sandilands