Communicator Sunday 26/4/2015

Praying hands 3 140x140 70pcThe Power of Prayer

Today, we are going to take a final look at the Book of James. In recent days we have explored the themes of:

  • Trials
  • Temptation
  • The Tongue
  • Faith and Works
  • Two Kinds of Wisdom

I would like to thank our speakers, John, Russell and Sean who have unpacked these very practical themes of Christianity.

Today, we unpack a little further, exploring the theme of “Divine Healing”. This is certainly a dominant theme of Scripture being traced from the very Name of God (Jehovah Rapha-The Lord is Healer), to Isaiah 53.5 “ by His stripes we are healed” to Jesus who healed so many in 3 years of His preaching/teaching/healing ministry, then to the Apostles in the early Church who healed with the authority and power of the Name of Jesus, to the Body Christ where some have been given the ‘gifts of healings’ (1 Cor.12.9) and then in the Revelation where healing will ultimately restore, (Rev.22.2)

Pastor Ian