Communicator – Sunday 3 May 2015

Visit from a Raven - Corvus corax by Ingrid Taylar on FlickrJames 5:17 says that ‘Elijah was a man with a nature just like us.” I find that so encouraging!! Over the next few weeks we will explore the humanity and the faith of Elijah, the prophet of God.

Yes, Elijah was very human; weak and vulnerable as we see him sliding into the valleys of depression. But he was also a mountain climber!! He just went from one mountain top to another. He saw miracles at Cherith, Zarephath and Mount Carmel. He witnessed the awesome, multiplying power of God in sending food (through ravens!!)

He saw the little last meal of the widow and then he saw miraculous fire fall from heaven as a testimony to the false prophets of Baal, proving that there is surely only 1 living, invisible, uncontainable, incomprehensible God.

Today, we travel to Zarephath where we find a widow in her extremity. But through faith and obedience we will see that her extremity was God’s opportunity to provide, abundantly and without measure. Let’s explore the high’s and low’s of this man Elijah, who has a nature just like you and me.

Pastor Ian