Communicator – Sunday 10 May 2015 Mothers Day

MothersDayHere  the front page of our Communicator for Mothers Day. Its a poem by Merryn


As a little child,
When almost ready to rest my head,
I learnt three little words which
Were sung to me when time for bed.
Mum gently stroked my hair,
As softly, gently, she began
To lull her child off to sleep
With words her mother sang.
And since, with her whole heart
She did believe that sweet refrain,
She could not help but pass them on –
For they’re meant to be shared again.
What a privilege to be God’s child –
To live for Him each day,
And that He should choose my mother’s love
To point me to the Way.
That special gift has changed my life –
To have heard and then believe;
I want to share it whenever I can –
That message of hope to leave.
And so one day like my own heart,
I hope that yours will sing,
Believing still that, “Jesus Loves Me”
And to others, that message bring.

© Merryn Patterson 1999