Communicator – 21 June 2015

Visit-from-a-Raven-Corvus-corax-by-Ingrid-Taylar-on-Flickr_thumb.jpgELIJAH – HIS ROAD TO RECOVERY

Today, we complete our series on the life and times of Elijah. We have reflected upon his many mountain top experiences ,from MIRACULOUS FOOD to a MIRACULOUS RESURRECTION to MIRACULOUS WEATHER and to MIRACULOUS FIRE which fell from heaven ,an all consuming fire.

Friends, be alert, because after a mountain top experience with God, the enemy will strategically attempt to trip you up. Yes, when Elijah descended from Mount Carmel he was met by Jezebel, a controlling, manipulative, evil immoral woman. Elijah fled from her and parked himself under a 10 foot high broom tree. In his oppression and depression, he prayed that God would end his life.

Elijah had hit rock bottom. He had fallen in a heap. The prophet was in a bad way.

Will he recover? Is there a solution? Does God care for the burnt out?

Is there a ROAD TO RECOVERY for Elijah?

Let’s find out today.

Pastor Ian