Do you want fries with that? (D McMurray)

Pastor Dave yesterday (22Apr18) spoke on the appearance of Jesus at Lake Gallilee after his Easter resurrection. Jesus performed another miracle with their record catch of fish, and then cooked breakfast with his disciples

Press play to listen or download. Talk time 44 minutes.

Graeme Cann talks at Eastleigh

Here are the great talks by Graeme Cann we have had at Eastleigh in recent times

Thomas and Jesus resurrection (D McMurray)

Listen again to our pastors talk on the disciple Thomas and his inability to believe until he had concrete evidence. This was our sermon on 8Apr18, one Sunday after Easter Sunday and celebration of Jesus resurrection. Press play to listen or download. Talk time is 41 minutes.


The spirit of our church – sermon series

Our pastor Dave McMurray has completed his sermon series on “The spirit of our church”. He has examined aspects of church in successful churches and considered how we stand on these issues.