We support servants of Jesus in a number of locations around the world.

Bill Quinnert is in Rome. He tells people, particularly refugees, about the good news of Jesus and helps them find churches so that they can grow.

noelbachelorNoel and Mary Bachelor from Eastleigh are working for Global Recordings Network (GRN) to provide Christian audio material in numerous languages around the world. Noel coordinates GRN studio processes for the receiving, processing and storage of audio programs and associated data. Mary runs their office.

val hessVic and Val Hess work with Wycliffe in the USA. Val Hess was raised in Australia and attended Eastleigh church. She and her husband Vic, an Amerian pilot, served in Colombia, South America for over 20 years. Their three children Michelle, Warrick, and Rob were born there. Vic and Val have also served in Cameroon, Africa, and are currently serving at the JAARS center near Waxhaw. Val works in human resource administration.

Gary and Eva McMaster work at Kangaroo Ground for Wycliffe Bible Translators Australia. Gary works in communications for Wycliffe and Eva also does promotion of Wycliffe work and objectives. Gary and Eva worked in Poland for some years.

Hume-and-Heather-JephcottHume and Heather are servants of Jesus in Indonesia. Hume assists the humanitarian agency Pondok Kasih which aims to alleviate poverty.